Driving guide - couples

Driving guide for couples

Driving abroad as a couple

As a couple with no children we’ve always had the option to take our holidays at any point of the holiday season, for however long and by any means we wish. Our usual choice was to take a low-cost flight over to the continent and stay at a Eurocamp site in a specific area. However this time round we decided to tour a few different regions across two different countries.

Emma and James's mini touring holiday

On this trip, we were combining the Pyrénées and the Languedoc region of France with the Catalonia region in Spain, meaning plenty of scenic driving and experiencing different regional cultures - plus the chance to drive across a stunning mountain range!

Booking through Eurocamp gave us the advantage of tailoring our holiday to suit the cheapest flights and car hire as we weren’t restricted to fixed arrival and departure dates on the parcs, and we could pick and choose our duration at each one. We were also able to travel in the low season enabling us to avoid busy school holidays, making for a much more adult-friendly holiday (with some absolute bargain low-season prices)!

The drive was a joy – we encountered nothing but clear roads and stunning scenery

Driving guide for couples

Low-cost flights and car hire

We took a low-cost flight over to Spain and picked up a hire car at Bilbao airport. Then within just a few hours of landing, we’d made our way to our parc in the Pyrénées. The drive was a joy – we encountered nothing but clear roads and stunning scenery, and paying for an additional driver was well worth it, as we swapped over half way giving each other time to rest and simply stare out of the window as the world passed by.

And there was no need to be nervous about driving abroad – once we got to grips with the location of the indicators, lights and wipers and set up of the dashboard it came naturally within just a few minutes!

Driving from the Pyrénées to our parc in the Languedoc was a 4 and a half hour journey, and we made the most of this by planning our route to enable us to visit Toulouse on the way. Here we stopped for lunch (and enjoyed it so much we’re planning on going again sometime!).

Finally, from the Languedoc to our parc in Spain, we again took advantage of the route by stopping off for lunch and a stroll around the Dali Museum in Figueres. Had we not been driving from parc to parc, we’d have missed these absolute treasures! The journey itself was as easy as we’d come to expect and we arrived at our final parc happy.

At the end of the holiday our early flight home meant an early start so we left the parc allowing plenty of time to avoid any traffic. After returning our hire car to Europcar at Barcelona airport we waited to board the plane, feeling completely and utterly relaxed - despite the number of miles we’d covered during the holiday by road. We’ll definitely be taking this type of holiday again soon!