Multi-stay holidays


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Multi-stay holidays

Our multi-stay holidays give you the chance to stay at more than one parc on a single trip – meaning double the holiday fun! You’re free to mix a beach break with a city trip, or mountain living with a cultural escape. Check out a few of our favourite combos…

Multi-stay holidays

Paris to Burgundy

Take a trip to the glittering city of Paris and explore the sights from the Eiffel tower or a day trip to Disneyland Paris. Then, leave the city life behind for freshwater fishing and wonderful wine at Le Domaine de l'Epervière, an enchanting parc set in the grounds of a partially-restored 16th century château.


Stay 1

  • International Maisons Lafitte, Paris
  • 2 bed 1 bath Classic + Deck
  • 4 nights from 16th August 2014
International Maisons-Laffitte ›
Le Domaine de l'Eperviere

Stay 2

  • Domaine de l'Epervière, Gigny-sur-Saone
  • Safari Tent
  • 3 nights from 20th August
Le Domaine de l'Epervière ›

Multi-stay cost = £767.00

Loire Valley

Kick-start your holiday with a few laps round Le Parc de Fierbois’s very own lake, or make a splash at the 3-pool complex, complete with 5 waterslides. Dry off in another Loire parc and step into acres of space and wonderful woodlands at Domaine de la Brèche, a perfect base for exploring nearby châteaux too.

Le Parc de Fierbois

Stay 1

  • Parc de Fierbois, Tours
  • 3 bed 1 bath Classic Plus + Deck
  • 5 Nights from 20th August
Parc de Fierbois ›
Domaine de la Brèche

Stay 2

  • L'Etang de la Brèche, Saumur 
  • 3 bed 1 bath Classic + Deck
  • 5 nights from 25th August
Domaine de la Brèche ›

Multi-stay cost = £1443.00

Roussillon to Provence

You’ll find your first parc, Camping Les Pins, in the the heart of Argelès Plage, a resort with a super beach and enough shops, bars and traditional markets to barter your way around from sunrise to down. Then, how about water polo or simply sitting back to enjoy grand views of the Maures Hills? The choice is yours at Le Pachacaïd, one of our Riviera parcs that’s packed with fantastic facilities, including a large lagoon pool.

Camping Les Pins

Stay 1

  • Camping Les Pins, Argeles-sur-Mer
  • 2 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck + AC
  • 6 nights from 21st August
Les Pins ›

Stay 2

  • Pachacaïd, Canadel
  • 3 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck + AC
  • 6 nights from 27th August
Pachacaïd ›

Multi-stay cost = £1641.00

Austria to Switzerland

Step onto Bella Austria and get ready to explore the stunning natural surroundings of the Katschtal Valley. Whether your family get in a spin for cycling, hiking or even horse riding, you'll find plenty of active pursuits in the area to keep everyone occupied. Swap Austrian hills for the Swiss region of Valais, with your second stay at Bella Tola. This parc is in the midst of Switzerland’s little-known wine region; its fruits providing the perfect accompaniment to a meal at the award-winning restaurant on parc.

Bella Austria

Stay 1

  • St. Peter am Kammersberg, Bella Austria
  • Safari Tent
  • 4 nights from 20th August
Bella Austria ›
Bella Tola

Stay 2

  • Bella Tola, Susten
  • Classic Tent
  • 4 nights from 24th August
Bella Tola ›

Multi-stay cost = £585.00

Italian Lakes to the Jura

For starters, give Butterfly parc a go and you’ll discover an immaculate little parc on the edge of Lake Garda, with a small but beautifully formed lakeside beach just 50 metres away. Try another lakeside setting at La Pergola, which sits on the fringes of Lac De Chalain and offers an incredible pool complex too. 


Stay 1

  • Butterfly, Peschiera del Garda
  • 2 bed 1 bath Classic + Deck + AC
  • 3 nights from 20th August
Butterfly ›
La Pergola

Stay 2

  • La Pergola, Lac de Chalain
  • 2 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck
  • 2 nights from 23rd August
La Pergola ›

Multi-stay cost = £583.00

Costa Dorada to Roussillon

Whether you’re after a Barcelona city break, or something slightly more relaxing (think landscaped lawns and shady palm trees), Vilanova Park will deliver on both. Then travel to Le Beach Garden which enjoys direct access to a beach (the name gives it away, right?) and a brilliant restaurant overlooking the waves.

Vilanova Park

Stay 1

  • Vilanova Park, Vilanova I La Getrú
  • 3 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck + AC
  • 4 nights from 21st August
Vilanova Park ›
Le Beach Garden

Stay 2

  • Le Beach Garden, Marseillan Plage
  • 2 bed 1 bath Classic Plus + Deck
  • 4 nights from 25th August
Le Beach Garden ›

Multi-stay cost = £1167.00


A week at Norcenni will be sure to satisfy your appetite for wine tasting and wonderful views of the Tuscan hills. Your next week at Parco delle Piscine will be equally satisfying; thermal springs naturally heat a pool on parc, whilst Rome is just a train ride away!

Norcenni Girasole Club

Stay 1

  • Norcenni Girasole Club, Figline Valdarno
  • 2 bed 1 bath Classic + Deck + AC
  • 7 nights from 18th August
Norcenni Girasole Club ›
Parco delle Piscine

Stay 2

  • Parco Delle Piscine, Sarteano
  • 3 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck + AC
  • 7 nights from 25th August
Parco Delle Piscine ›

Multi-stay cost = £1804.00

French Riviera

Discover the lively delights of the Riviera at La Baume, a parc offering two magnificent pool complexes and tons of activities, from archery to tennis. The splashing delights continue over at Holiday Green: prepare to be wowed by a huge Californian pool complex, which includes a kids' pool with water games, a covered heated pool, toboggans, solarium and Jacuzzi.

La Baume

Stay 1

  • La Baume, Fréjus
  • 2 bed 1 bath Vista + Deck + AC
  • 5 nights from 21st August
La Baume ›
Holiday Green

Stay 2

  • Holiday Green, Fréjus
  • 2 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck + AC
  • 4 nights from 26th August
Holiday Green ›

Multi-stay cost = £1482.00

French Alps to Italian Lakes

How do Alpine activities and days in flower-lined Annecy sound? La Ferme de la Serraz is just 1 km away from Lake Annecy and offers a wide range of lovely walks and hikes into the hills, all leading straight from your door. From the Alps, travel to the Italian Lakes and find the superb, family-run Fornella. Make sure you don’t miss out on special boat trips to Isola del Garda, a nearby island that belongs to the parc's owners.

La Serraz

Stay 1

  • Ferme de la Serraz, Annecy Doussard
  • 3 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck
  • 3 nights from 22nd August
Ferme de la Serraz ›

Stay 2

  • Fornella, San Felice del Benaco
  • 3 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck
  • 3 nights from 25th August
Fornella ›

Multi-stay cost = £672.00

Pyrénées to Roussillon

Airotel Pyrénées is the ultimate spot if you love breath-taking scenery: it’s next door to a National Park with endless, spectacular Pyrénéan passes to explore. Not only will you have your pick of a stunning natural location, this parc has four swimming pools and a small spa with a Jacuzzi! Swap mountain air for sandy shores, and move on to your second stay at La Chapelle. There, you’ll find a long, sandy beach just 200 metres away with a large selection of bustling cafés, restaurants and bars to take your fancy in lively Argelès Plage.

Airotel Pyrénées

Stay 1

  • Airotel Pyrénées, Luz-St-Sauveur 
  • 3 bed Mountain Lodge
  • 5 nights from 23rd August
Airotel Pyrénées ›
Camping La Chapelle

Stay 2

  • La Chapelle, Argelès Plage
  • 3 bed 1 bath Espace + Deck + AC
  • 5 nights from 28th August
La Chapelle ›

Multi-stay cost = £1312.00

Italian Lakes

Altominico Family Park is just 7 km from Lake Garda and packed with activities to keep everyone amused. There are three pools, including a lagoon and a kids’ pool complete with spongy surfaces. You’ll also find a cinema, sports field, crazy golf, children’s disco and play area. Get even closer to Lake Garda at Eden, a parc offering magnificent views across the area. Take a trip to the lakeside beach for swimming or sunbathing, and there’s a great restaurant and bar to relax over a delicious meal or a glass of wine.

Altomincio Family Park

Stay 1

  • Altomincio Family Park, Salionze
  • 2 bed 1 bath Vista + Deck + AC
  • 3 nights from 27th August
Altomincio Family Park ›

Stay 2

  • Eden, Portese
  • 2 bed 1 bath Classic + Deck
  • 4 nights from 30th August
Eden ›

Multi-stay cost = £652.00

Central Italy

Picture rustic, rural Italy with spectacular views all the way to Preci and you’ll arrive at Il Collaccio, a friendly, family-run parc. It’s ideally located for gorgeous walks through surrounding Monti Sibillini National Park, with donkey trekking and canyoning on offer too. I Pini Family Park is another wonderful Italian parc perfect for day trips to Rome – the parc runs bus trips twice a week. 

Il Collaccio

Stay 1

  • Il Collaccio, Castelvecchio di Preci
  • 2 bed 1 bath Aspect + Deck + AC
  • 7 nights from 20th August
Il Collaccio ›
Family Park I Pini

Stay 2

  • I Pini Family Park, Rome
  • 2 bed 1 bath Classic + Deck
  • 3 nights from 27th August
I Pini ›

Multi-stay cost = £1614.00

Ardèche to Provence

How does direct access to a stunning lake in the middle of rustic, French countryside sound? Come along to Les Tours and you’ll be in for wonderful views of gorgeous Lac de Maury, a good-sized lake surrounded by nature trails. From Auvergne, travel to Provence for a stay at Domaine du Verdon. At this parc you’ll find top-notch facilities and exquisite views all around. Don’t miss your chance to explore the spectacular Gorges du Verdon or the wonderful medieval town of Castellane.

Les Tours

Stay 1

  • Les Tours, St Amans-des-Cots
  • 2 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck + AC
  • 4 nights from 20th August
Les Tours ›
Domaine du Verdon

Stay 2

  • Domaine du Verdon, Castellane
  • 2 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck + AC
  • 4 nights from 24th August
Domaine du Verdon ›

Multi-stay cost = £831.00

Luxembourg to Germany

If you’ve ever wanted to see more of Luxembourg, and discover the city itself, Birkelt is the spot for you. There’s lots to try closer to holiday home too, with horse riding, a pool and play area all on offer. From there, journey to Campingplatz Herbolzheim in Germany, and step into storybook-style nature. With rolling hills, deep valleys and beautiful lakes all around, this small, authentic parc is perfect for families, ideal for walkers and cyclists, and just right for fans of the popular wine route.


Stay 1

  • Birkelt, Larochette
  • 2 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck
  • 3 nights from 20th August
Birkelt ›
Campingplatz Herbolzheim

Stay 2

  • Campingplatz Herbolzheim, Herbolzheim
  • 2 bed 1 bath Esprit + Deck
  • 4 nights from 24th August
Campingplatz Herbolzheim ›

Multi-stay cost = £729.00

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