More for 2016

Exclusive new 'street view' function!

Take a 360° tour of our parcs to discover what life on site is really like. This new interactive experience is available across 9 parcs in France and Spain listed below, and can be found under the virtual tour section on the parc overview pages, or by simply opening the links below to start the tour!

  1. La Pointe St.Gilles, Brittany
  2. La Croix du Vieux Pont, Paris
  3. St. Avit Loisirs, Dordogne
  4. Le Vieux Port, Gascony
  5. El Delfin Verde, Costa Brava
  6. Playa Montroig, Costa Dorada
  7. Le Beach Garden, Languedoc
  8. Le Clarys Plage, Vendée
  9. Les Ecureuils, Vendée
New pool complexes for 2016

Don't miss these exciting pool complexes on 8 parcs!

Prepare to make a splash at 8 parcs with new or updated pool complexes, built for the 2016 season! 

The super soaker expansions will include multiple waterslides, spray parks, water games, lazy rivers and outdoor heated pools.

  1. Cala Gogo, Costa Brava
  2. Cypsela, Costa Brava
  3. La Rive, Gascony
  4. La Palombière, Dordogne
  5. Clarys Plage, Vendée
  6. La Yole, Vendée
  7. Le Littoral, Vendée
  8. Esterel, Riviera
360 view of accommodation

360° tour of accommodation

Take a 360° tour of different accommodation models to find the perfect fit for your holiday. This interactive experience is available across 7 of our accommodation types, including the Aspect, Avant, Vista and Espace Loft

Look for the virtual tour section on each accommodation page to explore every room and the decking area, without leaving your sofa!

More Aspects and Avant in 2016

More top of the range accommodation

We've got even more of our innovative and stylish Avant and Aspect accommodation in more locations, including France, Holland and Italy. These holiday homes always sell out fast though, so make sure to take advantage of our low €99 deposit to secure the one you want before it's too late...

Updated parc videos

New parc videos

We’ve updated over 50 parc videos with super cool drone footage, which swoops in over the parc to show you what the site and surrounding area looks like - another great way to help you pick your perfect parc!

View these on the video section on parc overview pages or tune in to YouTube where you'll find all Eurocamp videos.

Eurocamp decking gates for toddler holidays

Decking Gates

All holiday homes at our 17 top parcs for toddlers have been given a child-friendly finishing touch with the introduction of retractable decking gates as standard - offering a safe place for your little ones to play outdoors on the decking!

Available at the following parcs listed:

  1. Domaine des Ormes, Brittany
  2. La Pointe St Gilles, Brittany
  3. La Grande Métairie, Brittany
  4. Des Menhirs, Brittany
  5. La Croix du Vieux Pont, Paris
  6. Le Clarys Plage, Vendée
  7. Les Ecureuils, Vendée
  8. La Garangeoire, Vendée
  9. Domaine des Naiades, Riviera
  1. Le Château des Marais, Loire
  2. St Avit Loisirs, Dordogne
  3. Le Vieux Port, Gascony
  4. La Baume, Riviera
  5. Les Sablons, Languedoc
  6. Le Soleil, Roussillon
  7. La Chapelle, Roussillon
  8. Bella Italia, Lake Garda