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From the days of William the Conqueror to the twentieth century, the French region of Normandy has set the scene for many legendary battles. In modern times, the area is perhaps most famous for being the setting of the D-Day landings on Normandy's beaches; an event that led to the liberation of France from German occupation and the end of World War II in Europe.

Be part of history

Visit Normandy and learn more about this significant time in modern history. From trips to iconic battlefields and beaches, to poignant visits to famous cemeteries and memorial museums, we've picked out 4 places that'll give you sights to remember:

Omaha Beach

One of the most famous parts of Normandy is the stretch of beach along the coast where the D-Day landings occurred. Omaha beach is one of five used by Allied troops, and US forces in particular incurred heavy losses here. Today, you'll find an engaging and informative visitor centre, as well as a cemetery where you can pay tribute to the fallen.

Be surrounded by history

Watch the D-Day landings come to life at Arromanches, a 360° circular cinema and museum built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Just beyond the cinema you'll find the remains of the artificial harbour that was built by the Allies during battle.

D-Day in the digital age

Visit the Caen Memorial to learn more broadly about World War II and its impact on the Norman city of Caen and France in general. Feel engaged by the mixture of photographs and state-of-the-art multimedia displays that are used to bring D-Day to life in the digital age.

The other side of the battle

Pointe du Hoc is the site of a German defence position that was famously taken by US soldiers during World War II. It now represents one of the most important places to stand witness to the full extent of damage caused during the Normandy landings. German bunkers still live alongside a scarred landscape that tells the harrowing tale of bombing and combat.

Now plan your visit

Parcs near the beaches

We have two lovely parcs in Normandy, each with their own unique character. They can provide a great base to get out and explore the region's rich history, as well as being the perfect spot for a little relaxation and recreation. Check out our favourite parcs in this area and start planning your next memorable holiday.


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