Information on the fuel shortage in France

Eurocamp self drive

The effect of the fuel situation on Eurocamp customers who have recently departed for their holiday, or are returning from their holiday, has so far been minimal.

We have been contacted by customers seeking guidance and information and have been able to assist with this, but no customers in resort have been unable to return home and the majority of customers are still going on their holiday.

A small number of customers have amended their stays where availability permits to shorten journey times or take different routes. We are supporting customers by providing general advice and relevant reference points to obtain updates on the situation, and have emailed all customers departing in the next few days to ensure they are aware. We are monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis.

Update: 27th May 16:00hrs

We have heard from our on-site teams and through a French government website for the Vendée that the fuel restrictions have been lifted in the Vendée - with 94 out of 100 petrol stations open in the region, and along the West Coast of France.

Frequently asked questions about the fuel situation in France | Reveal all answers

Have you had any feedback from other customers on holiday in France at the moment?

We’re getting feedback from our courier teams and customers each day. Generally, this feedback is positive. All customers have been saying that as soon as they reached the French motorways they were able to get fuel (in some cases there were limits in place) but that fuel is limited / not available in some of smaller villages and towns.

Can I change my parc or the region I’m going to?

Yes, subject to availability and without amendment fee. Call us on 021 425 2300 to chat about it.

Can I move my holiday to later in the year?

No, but we can move your holiday to depart anytime within the next 2 weeks subject to availability (if your holiday price increases we will need you to pay the difference).

Can I cancel my imminent holiday?

Yes you can but our Eurocamp cancellation charges will apply.

Will my insurance cover me if I cancel my holiday?

We doubt you will be covered but this is a question you should ask directly to your insurance provider.

If I’m on holiday and I’m unable to get fuel to return home, what happens?

Our on-site courier teams will do everything they can to support you. If you have to extend your Eurocamp holiday because of this situation, we will provide our accommodation free of charge as long as we have availability to do so.

Ferry and Eurotunnel advice on taking extra fuel across the channel

P&O Ferries

  1. You can take extra fuel maximum 5L fuel can of petrol or diesel. Must be in the Red/Green jerry cans and empty upon return.


  1. You can take extra fuel maximum 3 x 10L in a plastic container or 1 x 20L in a metal container.

Brittany Ferries

  1. You can take extra fuel maximum 5L can but diesel only (no petrol). Must be in the red jerry can and empty upon return.

AA advice

  1. The AA are strongly recommending filling your vehicle with fuel just before crossing the Channel and keeping your fuel topped up wherever you can.