We’ve collated the latest guidance and answers to common questions below, so whether you’re booking or preparing for a holiday, you can be fully informed.

What does fully vaccinated mean?

For most of our destinations it means you’ve had both vaccines at least 14 days before your trip and, if you had your 2nd vaccine more than 270 days ago, you’ve had a booster. To check the exact details for your specific destination visit

Where can I travel to if I’m 12 years or over and either unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated?

From Ireland, you can travel to any of our destinations, but you may be required to provide a negative test result or proof of recovery.

What restrictions are in place when on holiday?

On holiday vaccinated travellers can enjoy all local services without restrictions. Those who are unvaccinated / not fully vaccinated can do the same except in Italy where you currently need a Super Green Pass requiring you to test every 48 hours. There may still be local advice to wear masks on public transport and in some public places.

What if I, or one of my party, get Covid before I go?

If you or someone on your booking gets Covid just before your holiday, you will need to contact us to cancel or postpone your holiday to a later date in 2022. Both do incur charges set out in our Booking Conditions, although you may be able to claim your costs back from your travel insurance company.

What if I, or one of my party, gets Covid on holiday?

You would need to alert your Eurocamp Rep and follow the local advice. For further details on this you can visit You would be responsible for the cost of any treatment or isolation solutions.

Do I need to fill in any forms to go to my destination?

Most destinations just require the EU PLF or a similar form to be completed and submitted before your holiday. For further information for your destination you can check here or here:

Do I need to do anything to return home?

There are no requirements at all.