Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

Updated: 2nd April 2020 | 09:00

We are keeping a close eye on developments associated with the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), with the health and safety of our customers and our employees as our priority. Currently the DFA advises against all non-essential overseas travel due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We have now postponed the opening of our parcs until 24th April at the earliest, and some parcs have also delayed their opening date beyond this. We will continue to review the dates for all parcs, following all government and public health advice to help combat this pandemic. Any affected customers will be contacted as quickly as possible in departure date order. We aim to do so 2 weeks before your departure date, unless your parc has confirmed a longer delay.

Understandably, we’re currently receiving high volumes of calls and messages. We would urge you not to contact us right now, to allow us to deal with customers in departure date order. Thank you for your patience, and in the meantime if you have questions about your situation, please review our answers to some common questions below.

Common questions:

How can I stay up to date with the latest travel advice?

We advise all customers to stay up to date with the Government advice:

What are my options if my holiday is cancelled due to DFA advice?

If the DFA advises against non-essential travel to your destination, and the advice stays this way 2 weeks before you are due to travel, then we will contact you to cancel your holiday.

What do I do if I am due to travel to a destination that has Coronavirus cases, but there is no DFA advice against travel?

If there is no advice against travel the holidays will be provided as planned and normal booking conditions apply.

What will happen if my holiday can’t go ahead because the location is closed off?

If the DFA travel advice hasn’t changed we will endeavour to find you an alternative holiday, however, we recognise that the introduction of increased controls and restrictions introduced in many European countries will have a significant impact on our customers’ holidays, so we are currently assessing the situation. If a location is closed off or significant controls and restrictions remain 2 weeks before you are due to travel, then we will contact you.

I've booked my travel arrangements myself. Am I protected?

For any travel arrangements, such as flights, ferry travel or car hire, made with a company other than Eurocamp, then you will need to speak to the service provider/airline you made the booking with. They will have their own policy in regard to how they manage these claims.

I’ve booked with a Travel Agency, and I cannot get in contact with them. Can you help?

If you call us with your booking reference, we will try to help you as best we can. This will include freezing any cancellation fees, and holding off accommodation if you wish to amend your holiday details. However we will not be able to confirm any amendments, confirm a cancellation or issue any refunds – for these you will need to speak to your Travel Agency once they have re-opened/you have been able to contact them.

What if I decide I don't want to travel?

If the DFA advice has not changed and holidays are operating as normal, your holiday will be subject to normal booking conditions and cancellation charges will apply. However, if you have strong concerns we may be able to amend your booking to an alternative destination or a date later in 2020. We will aim to assist you with this and will do so without charging any amendment fee. You may incur extra travel or accommodation costs if you choose to do this.

My balance is due, should I go ahead and pay?

During this time, we recognise flexibility is more important than ever. That’s why we’re adjusting the balance due date for all 2020 holidays.
Full payment will now be required 6 weeks before your departure date, instead of the normal 12 weeks. However, please note our cancellation terms and conditions remain the same.

I’ve been advised to self-isolate, can I cancel my holiday?

You would be subject to our cancellation charges, however, if this is a medical requirement and can be validated by your GP then you should contact your Travel Insurance provider to see if they will cover you for cancellation.

What do I do if I’m on holiday and there’s an outbreak on parc?

If there is an outbreak on the parc where you are staying, our resort team will follow local authority guidelines. Please comply with any additional screening measures that are put in place. If you develop symptoms, however mild, please follow the guidance of the overseas health authority.

What precautions should I be taking?

We recommend reading the general advice for travellers from the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC).

We always recommend everybody travels with adequate insurance cover. All insurance policies vary so we recommend speaking to your insurance company to clarify what cover is provided for situations arising due to the spread of Coronavirus.