Because it's good to get a little sand between your toes

All our parcs have their own personality. But perhaps you're more of a Padder, enjoying carefree days at the coast, splashing in the surf and playing on the sands ...

If so, we think you're going to love these possibilities, and these parcs.

Picture this

  1. Direct access - get from breakfast to beach in no time!
  2. Hours spent relaxing on a sun lounger
  3. Easy days, full of fun on parc
  4. Relaxing evenings on the decking
  5. Your choice of self-catering or restaurant when it's time for dinner
  6. Plenty of opportunities for water sports and boat trip adventures

If you're a PADDLER, check out ...

Brittany, France

Mile after mile of sandy beaches, waterslides and even an indoor pool

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Pag, Croatia

Crystal clear waters, direct access to 6 unique beaches and endless sunshine

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Caballo de Mar, Costa Brava

Caballo de Mar
Costa Brava, Spain

Relaxed and toddler friendly, with direct access to a long sandy beach

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Le mediterranee plage campsite, portiragnes plage

Le Méditerranée Plage
Languedoc, France

Direct access to a long, safe and sandy beach makes this a must!

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Marina d'Erba Rossa

Clear blue waters and white sands overlooked by a palm lined pool

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Marina di Venezia
Adriatic, Italy

Great pools for all the family from big to small and a beach for sandcastles

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Or perhaps you're closer to one of these?

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