Travelling with Pets - Top Ten Tips

1. Chat with your vet

If only one person knows your dog better than you, it is your vet. Have a chat with your vet about your travel plans, where you are going, how you are travelling and your holiday plans. Your vet will be an invaluable source of information and will be able to advise you on applying for your PETS passport, travel advice and much more.

2. Tell us the exact details of your dog

In order for Eurocamp to correctly book your holiday and the travel elements, we will need to know the status of your PETS passport whether you are applying for one, or already have one. We will ask you to keep us up-to-date with your PETS passport application and to provide us with the PETS passport number at your earliest convenience. We will also ask some detailed questions regarding your dog. This will include, but is not limited to, its breed, age and travelling history. Obtaining this information is essential to correctly book your holiday within the PETS passport requirements.

3. Travelling in hot weather

Animals should never be left in vehicles in direct strong sunshine and/or high temperatures as it is difficult to ensure sufficient ventilation to keep them cool. Unless animals are fully acclimatised, overheating, distress and suffering is likely when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius for more than a few minutes. The temperature in a car in full sun on a hot day can rise to double that outside of the vehicle in a short time, leading rapidly to distress for any animal in the vehicle.

4. Campsite etiquette

Campsites are renowned for being "dog-friendly" environments. Continentals have been taking their dogs for years and the PETS passport scheme has shown a steady increase in the number of Irish holidaymakers doing the same. However, campsites do have specific rules regarding dogs, of which the most common are that dogs must be kept on a leash, noise must be kept to a minimum and owners must clean up after their dog. If you or your dog cannot adhere to these rules, you are advised not to take your dog on a Eurocamp Holiday. Take a look at our available campsites for your ideal dog-friendly parc

5. Check the microchip is recorded properly

Make sure your dog's microchip number has been correctly recorded on all of its required documents. Make sure you get the vet to read your dog's microchip number before you take your dog abroad and every time you visit the surgery.

6. Update microchip database before travelling

Before travelling, always update the microchip registration database where your dog's microchip number is recorded with your holiday details. In the unlikely event that your dog goes missing while you are away, once found it can be re-united with you as quickly as possible.

7. Booster vaccinations on time

Look at the 'valid until' date on your PETS documentation. You must get your dog re-vaccinated against rabies by this date.

8. Tapeworm treatment

Think about contacting a vet overseas in plenty of time before you plan to return or come to Ireland so that you can arrange for your dog to receive this treatment. Remember that your dog must be treated not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours (1-5 days) before being checked-in with an approved transport company for its return journey into Ireland. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of veterinary offices close to our campsites can be found online. Many customers will be confident in calling and booking their own appointments. However, for those who require a little assistance, our on-site couriers will gladly help. The treatment itself will cost approximately €50-€80.

9. Ensure the vet checks, identifies & records microchip number

Before you leave the vet's surgery, make sure that the documentation has been fully and correctly completed. In particular, make sure that the date of treatment and the time of treatment (using the 24 hour clock) have been correctly filled in. The vet must also note the products used to treat your dog.

10. Travelling to Ireland

To avoid quarantine, make sure your dog enters Ireland with an approved transport company on an authorised route. Eurocamp will only book an approved travel operator as part of your holiday package, however, should you decide to book your own travel element, check the cost and all the procedures of travelling with your dog to Ireland with your preferred transport company before making a booking.