Eurocamp campsites

Small and tranquil, our campsites are special places where the emphasis is on simply enjoying the outdoor life and local area.

Eurocamp campsites

They’re some of our most easy-going and authentic parcs, set in a range of really lovely locations.

You’ll find them nestled in peaceful countryside, tucked alongside an inviting beach, or close to pretty towns and villages.

Eurocamp campsites

What is a Eurocamp Campsite?

Our Campsites are often smaller and quieter, and usually in a peaceful location. They’re less about full-on round-the-clock activities and more about the timeless appeal holidays al fresco style. They all have a range of comfy, family-sized accommodation to choose from, so there is no need to compromise on comfort

Eurocamp campsites

What is there to do on parc?

You’ll almost always find a pool on our campsites for those all-important splash-abouts in the sun. You don’t have to fire up the barbecue every night – there’ll be a friendly place to enjoy dinner, and a drink. There may be a few activities and sports, bikes to hire or local music into the evening. Think low-key and lovely!

Eurocamp campsites

What type of holiday can I expect?

Campsites allow your family the breathing space to unwind, relax and recharge. They’re about lungfuls of fresh air, kayaking down river, exploring local towns and villages, rockpooling and paddling. They’re about celebrating the simple pleasures, and reawakening your sense of adventure. Or just chilling!

Eurocamp campsites

Who's it best suited for?

Our Campsites are perhaps our most authentic and easygoing of all our holiday parcs - they’re perfect for families who appreciate a genuine sense of place and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Start your day with the sound of the dawn chorus, end it with starry skies: and fill the bits in between with... anything you like!

Eurocamp campsites
El Garrofer Campsite, Sitges, Costa Dorada

El Garrofer,
Costa Dorada

With its saltwater pool and easy-going atmosphere, this parc is a naturally beautiful retreat.

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Le Pianacce Campsite, Tuscany, Italy

Le Pianacce,

This terraced parc enjoys terrific views, a wonderful restaurant and easy access to lush countryside.

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Château Lez Eaux Campsite, Normandy, France

Château Lez Eaux,

Set in the grounds of a graceful manor house, this parc is peaceful and playful, little kids will love it

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Château La Forêt Campsite, Vendee, France

Château La Forêt,

This small, friendly parc is proud of its green credentials, and you’ll love its peaceful atmosphere.

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