Spa Parcs

From Turkish Baths to Hot Stone Therapies, our parcs have a wide range of spa facilities to de-stress you and soak away those pre-holiday tensions. 

We think everyone should come back from their holiday feeling refreshed. Some people recharge their batteries by lazing in the sun, others find that staying active is the key to relaxation. But if you want to discover a whole new sense of health and wellbeing, choose a Eurocamp parc complete with luxury spa facilities. 

Together with spectacular locations and exciting places to discover nearby, it’s the perfect way to say hello to enjoyment and wave goodbye to stress! With everything from traditional hot tubs to hot stone therapies, Turkish baths to seawater therapy (thalassotherapy), you will find that these selected parcs offer more wonderful ways to relax than you ever thought possible!

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AU011 Sportcamp Woferlgut

If an active, full on fun holiday is what you want then Sportcamp Woferlgut is the parc for you. Pass your time playing golf, skiing or hiking, then relax and rest your body at the fantastic on-parc spa.

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