Watersports Holidays

Fresh air, open spaces and spectacular views

Why limit the holiday adventures to land? Choose a coastal, riverside or lakeside destination and you’ll find endless entertainment on the water too.

Many of our waterside parcs have watersports centres on site or nearby, and some have private access to lakes or beaches for you to try new sports in plenty of space. A select few even have lessons available so you can try new things with the help of qualified instructors.

So whether you’re looking for your next challenge or happy exploring the water at your own pace, it’s all possible on a Eurocamp holiday.

Why choose a watersports holiday?

Discover hidden beauty spots

Uninhabited islands, mysterious caves and secret beaches… some things you just can’t see from dry land.

Spot aquatic life

Skip the aquarium and venture out on the water for your chance to spot fish, corals, dolphins, seals and otters in the wild.

Try something new

Whatever your experience level or ability, you’ll find new activities to try on a holiday by the water.

What watersports can you try with us?

Beneath the surface of the water lies another world waiting to be explored on a scuba diving excursion. Dive down and get close to underwater wildlife and vibrant corals, or swim around shipwrecks and archaeological sites.

Hang on to your sail and let the wind transport you around the water. Windsurfing has all the fun of sailing, with the extra challenge of staying on your board! Try it on flat water to start with, and hit the waves if you’re ready to take it up a level.

Set sail on an open-water adventure big enough for all the family. Small sailing boats such as dinghies are easy to handle and can carry several passengers at once, so they’re perfect for a fun-packed day of exploration.

Hold on tight as you skim the surface of the water and cut through open air. Waterskiing combines the thrill of fast speeds with the challenge of hanging on and keeping your balance.  Try it for an invigorating holiday activity.

Discover the water’s hidden treasures as you float around at your own pace. Canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards can get you the places that larger boats can’t, like caves, gorges, and shallow waters.

Best regions for watersports holidays

The rugged coastline of the Costa Brava gives you plenty of islets and coves to discover by kayak, jet ski or sailing boat. Just off the coast, the Medes Islands are home to diverse marine life best seen on a scuba diving trip.

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With over 1000 islands, miles of rocky coast, and biodiverse waters to explore, aquatic adventures in Croatia are hard to resist. And the surrounding beaches and historical monuments make a magnificent backdrop for days on the water.

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If you like your watersports chilled, spend your days paddling on the rivers of the Dordogne. You’ll have plenty of time to savour the views of the surrounding countryside on your way downstream.

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The best way to explore the dramatic caves and limestone cliffs of the Ardèche is by boat. Enjoy the challenge of navigating the water’s bends and rapids, or just soak up the incredible scenery all around you.

Explore Ardeche and Auvergne ›

The water may be calm and flat, but Northern Italy’s lakes promise plenty of adventure. Perhaps you’ll spot fish and otters breaking the smooth surface, or perhaps you’ll break the surface by boat or waterski.

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Lake Geneva, Lake Thun, Lake Constance… Switzerland might be landlocked, but its lurid blue lakes will keep watersports lovers entertained for days. And if you’re ready to take the adventure up a level, try white-water paddling on the mountain streams.

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Best parcs for watersports holidays

Stay at a beach, riverside or lakeside parc and possibilities for watersports won’t be far away. Here are three of our favourites to get you started, but there are plenty more parcs to choose from.

watersports holidays in France

Try jet-skiing, scuba diving, SUP, sea kayaking and windsurfing in the beautiful Bay of St Tropez.

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With a watersports centre and scuba diving school on site, you can explore the azure waters of Pag Island however you like.

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Get ready for days of adventure on Lake Garda:  kayaking, sailing, waterskiing and scuba diving are all available on-parc or nearby.

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