More Sports, More Activities

Sports and activities on European holidays with Eurocamp

Want to squeeze more fun into your holiday? Eurocamp makes it easy. 

From archery to volleyball, we’ve a summer of sports ready to put you and your family to the test...

Quad Biking

A great way to get out and explore hidden treks and trails through the countryside, quad biking offers just the right amount of adrenaline and adventure in one thrilling excursion. There are operators close to:

Le Ruisseau, Landes

Castell Montgri, Costa Brava

St Avit Loisirs, Dordogne


Sharpen up your medieval hunting skills. You never know when they might come in handy. Archery’s an addictive and challenging way to develop focus, concentration and coordination, and all the family can have a go. Try archery at:

Zaton Holiday Resort, Croatia

Spiaggia E Mare, Adriatic Coast

Duinrell, Holland


Whether you want to learn, brush up your skills or indulge in your favourite hobby, Eurocamp is a great choice for diving holidays. We’ve plenty of parcs near great diving sites, and some even offer PADI-approved training courses. Take a closer look at these parcs for starters:

La Sirene, Roussillon

Union Lido, Venetian Riviera

Camping Village Simuni, Croatia

Go Karting

Camping Village Fabulous, near Rome, Pra Delle Torri, Italian Adriatic, and Beekse Bergen, Holland have their own thrilling karting courses, but we’ve plenty of parcs close to courses too, such as:

Ca Savio, Venetian Riviera

Domaine des Ormes, Brittany

Bella Italia, Lake Garda


Whether on a court or on the sands, volleyball is the perfect summer sport. You really don’t need to know the rules before you have a go. Just punch that ball over the net. That’s about it, right? We’ve volleyball available at parcs such as:

Camping de Schatberg, Holland

La Torre del Sol, Costa Dorada

Marina di Venezia, Venetian Riviera

Treetop Adventures

Swing, scramble, zipwire or crawl along a tightrope...however you negotiate a route through the canopy, treetop assault courses feature high rope challenges, wobbly bridges, intricate walkways and jaw dropping arial obstacles. We've courses in lots of parcs, including:

La Grande Métairie, Brittany

Le Parc de Fierbois, Loire

Château La Forêt, Vendee


Ready to ambush your enemies and splatter them with gooey pellets? Of course you are - you were born ready. If you've never tried paintballing prepare to be grinning from ear to ear - try it close to these parcs:

Les Ranchisses, Ardèche

Domaine des Ormes, Brittany

Camping de Schatberg, Holland

Wild Swimming

It’s invigorating, free and a wonderful way to explore the natural world. Wild swimming has even been shown to reduce stress and build up your immune system. Dive in to Europe’s lakes and rivers here:

Le Val de Bonnal, Jura

Pomport Beach, Dordogne

Sole di Sari, Corsica


Stay fit and healthy while on holiday. Pump some iron, hit the treadmill, swing a kettlebell or even take a spin class. From free weights to the latest fitness machines, we've plenty of parcs promising to get you into shape. Try:

Esterel Campsite, Riviera

Pomport Beach, Dordogne

Club Farret, Languedooc