Fishing Holidays

Why choose a fishing holiday?

Speak to an angler, and the answer’s simple - the sport offers the perfect balance of relaxation, concentration and healthy, fresh air in equal measure. It’s a great opportunity to form special bonds with family and friends, and teach your kids about the importance of nature conservancy. Adventures on the water bring people together, sharing the thrill of a first catch,  the stunning scenery of a new waterway, and the pure magic of nature.

We’ve a handful of parcs where the fishing’s great - and you don’t need a permit to enjoy it on parc either. We’ve lots more with great fishing opportunities in easy reach - enjoy a summer lake at sunset, a sea fishing excursion or a spot of lakeside fishing along the Loire!

Best regions for a fishing holiday

Stay a little closer to home and choose from our fantastic parcs in Brittany and Normandy for the perfect fishing holiday in France, with rolling sandy beaches, stylish resorts and lovely rural countryside. And with a choice of sea, game and coarse fishing, you can’t lose.

There are both a river and three lakes at this site, the Rive Aisne being a good quality venue in its own right for silverfish plus specimen carp and some catfish.

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With three man-made mature lakes on-site, stocked with a variety of carp, tench, pike, and roach, this is a great choice for keen anglers. Permits are not required and fishing is free of charge for on-site guests.

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Experience thrilling sea fishing, from the golden beaches of France’s west coast, or out into the Atlantic surf, in the Vendee. Further inland, the magnificent châteaux and rivers of the Loire Valley offer excellent fishing opportunities in natural lakes and peaceful stretches of river.


Three natural mature lakes just five minutes’ walk from the accommodation, renowned for their predator fishing.

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A beautiful natural lake, surrounded by trees and set in a wooded valley. Just five minutes’ walk from the accommodation with easy access.

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