Places to see in Italy

Fancy a summer adventure like no other? Get ready to taste, feel and see Europe in the most unique way possible.

Eurocamp offers you a wealth of hidden gems and fantastic experiences. Here’s just a few that have been tried and tested by our regional experts.

You’ll also find lots more when you explore our fabulous locations for yourself.

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Enjoy a movie tour of 'Twilight'

Amongst the most popular films and works of fiction in the world, the Twilight series has enthralled millions. So why not experience a little movie romance for yourself,  and visit some of the places where filming took place. Volterra and Montepulciano are beautiful towns and are also the safest places in the world from vampire attack!

Recommended parc: Parco delle Piscine >

Learn the art of Tuscan cuisine

Tuscany doesn’t simply offer rolling hillsides and romantic cities; it is also home to one of the finest cuisines in the world. So why not learn to cook it like mama used to make, from mama herself? There’s no better way to perfect your Panzanella or refine your Ragù than by learning about the food and wine of the region right here on parc.

Recommended parc: Parco delle Piscine >

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Explore Mount Etna

Experience the drama of flaming lava as it spills out from within the earth’s crust at Mount Etna - Europe’s most active volcano. Why not visit something truly unique? A volcano which has been erupting regularly for millions of years!

Recommended parc: El Bahira >

Immerse yourselves in Venice

While it’s always a popular city break destination, few cities on earth reward more in-depth exploration quite like Venice. For beyond the Bridge of Sighs and St Mark’s Square there is mile after mile of faded grandeur and true elegance to discover. Hidden treasures? Venice is simply full of them.

Recommended parc: Marina di Venezia >

See the Scapello of Ocean’s 12

A little slice of coastal heaven provided a backdrop for some of Ocean’ 12 prettiest scenes. Scapello has one of the most beautiful coastline in Sicily and it really has to be seen to be believed.

Recommended parc: El Bahira >

Climbing in San Vito lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo isn’t just home to a world-renowned climbing festival, it’s also a great place for you to enjoy one of the world’s most popular climbing locations. A host of routes for all levels of experience are already bolted into the mountains here, offering incredible views over the gorgeous countryside and seascape.

Recommended parc: El Bahira >

Celebrate the mighty Couscous

With celebrity chefs and guests jetting in from around the world San Vito lo Capo hits culinary heights too, with its own Couscous Fest every September, which attracts around a quarter of a million visitors, and turns the town of Trapani into a gustatory heaven.

Recommended parc: El Bahira >