Touring in Rome and Campania

There are few really must-see cities in the world. But Rome definitely has to be up there. And we’ve just the place: Camping Village Fabulous is just half an hour’s drive away (well, we’d suggest public transport!) from Italy’s spellbinding capital. A day just isn’t enough time, so spend as long as you want. Next stop, the glorious coast of Campania and its magnificent beaches, alongside which you'll find Baia Domizia parc.

Camping Village Fabulous ★★★★

Lazio | Italy

Within easy reach of the capital, yet also just seven kilometres from the coast, this parc is your perfect bolt hole from both. Dive into the magnificence of Rome for days spent exploring world class art, heritage and shopping.

Rome has scores of hidden museums - with 26 centuries of history to plunder it’s hardly surprising. One of the most delightful is the Museo Nazionale di VIlla Giulia. A beautiful 16th century villa, built for Pope Julius II, and now home to a stunning display of Etruscan art.

But sample the city’s glorious parks and gardens such as the Villa Medici Gardens - an enchanting retreat on the Pincio Hill, before heading back to your parc to splash about in its amazing aquatic centre. Your parc’s also comfortably close to the beaches, resorts and good life of the Ostria coast too. Grab a gelato and watch a sunset that will stay with you forever!

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Baia Domizia Camping Village ★★★★

Campania | Italy

Dig into the history of Pompeii, enjoy a wide range of sports and water sports and take advantage of this terrific parc’s direct access to its own private beach. This, our most southerly Italian parc, basks in glorious weather all summer long, so however you cool down, you can do it in style here.

That said, if you’re still hankering after a shot of big city life, it doesn’t get more intense than Naples: just a glorious one hour coastal drive away. If you’ve the time, drive a little further and you’re heading into the Amalfi coast, Sorrento and a whole treasure trove of magnificent Italian beauties.

But you really don’t have to stray too far from your friendly parc for a hearty slice of la dolce vita: and you can even take a day-trip to the iconic isle of Capri. This is a parc that brings the best of Italy to your door.

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