A stunning tour from Brabant to La Rochette

Northern Europe offers a wider canvas of holiday experiences than you might have imagined. Summers are warm, not blisteringly hot. Most places are within an easy few hours’ drive from Channel ferry ports, and parcs are often more spacious, with easy access to often gloriously uncrowded countryside and pretty towns.

Luxembourg and the Netherlands offer all of this, and plenty more surprises in store too: take a closer look on this twin centre adventure.

TerSpegelt ★★★★★

Brabant | Netherlands

TerSpegelt, or ‘the reflecting mirror’ - if your Friesland language skills are rusty, is a Dutch gem of a parc. The reflections, we’re guessing, relate to f this delightful parc’s huge lake, with its lakeside beach, waterslides and tumbling waterfalls. Play is important to the Dutch: they love getting out and about in nature. And, in North Brabant, nature is all around, and starts at your door. 

Nature Gate TerSpegelt is a gateway to wonderful walks, cycle rides or horse rides. The parc even runs its own bike safaris, so there'll be no need to take a map. There’s a huge indoor leisure and swimming centre too, should you wish to while away the day at home. Away from the parc you’ll find Dutch creativity alive and well in a scatter of charming cities such as Eindhoven, where the lightbulb was invented. Visit the Netherlands and have a lightbulb moment of your own.

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Birkelt Village ★★★★★

Larochette | Luxembourg

Yes, we know, it’s small. But we prefer ‘fun sized’, actually. Hands up how many of you can picture, exactly, what Luxembourg looks like? Well, this terrific parc allows you to come and take a closer examination of this endlessly fascinating Grand Dutchy. Think rocky hills, deep gorges, lush forests and magical, half-timbered towns looking like they’re straight out of a Disney film set. Yes, that’s kind of what Luxembourg looks like. Surprised you? We thought so. 

Just a little over three hours away from your Netherlands parc, Birkelt hunkers down amid wildflower meadows, rivers and birdsong-rich woodland. Within its borders you’ll find a huge covered aqua-dome, outdoor swimming pools and a lake tailor-made for canoeing safaris. The capital, Luxembourg City, is a short drive away, for a quick blast of big (well, biggish) city thrills, great restaurants and stylish shopping.

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