Camping Holidays in Costa Verde

Festival International de Santander

Festival International de Santander

Held since 1948, this festival showcases dance, theatre, ballet, music, opera and recitals from international performers across a range of different stages over the month of August, including palaces, churches, gardens and caves.

Semana Grande, Bilbao and San Sebastian

Semana Grande, Bilbao

The Aste Nagusia ('Semana Grande' in Spanish and 'Big Week' in English) is the biggest party of the year in Bilbao! Basque culture is celebrated to the fullest, with traditional Basque music and dancing, Basque rural sports (think wood chopping and stone carrying), and a street parade of giants. There are of course bullfights, but you can give these a miss and just enjoy the great atmosphere. The daily events are followed by a nightly fireworks competition, concerts and even more partying.