History of Sardinia

Cagliari, Cattedrale di Santa Maria


For an express journey through Sardinian history, start out at the National Archeological Museum, visit the Cattedrale di Santa Maria and then take a tour of the Bastione San Remy – don’t forget to enjoy the views from the top. If you can’t face any more walking, the botanical gardens are definitely worth a visit and once you’re there, there’s plenty of space to kick your shoes off and relax.

Nora and The Roman Baths

Nora and the Roman Baths

The well-preserved remains of streets, mosaics and buildings at Nora provide a glimpse into Ancient Roman life. The stars of the show are the sea baths and the public baths which were filled by the natural hot springs in the area.

Roman amphitheatre

Roman Ampitheatre, Cagliari

Carved out of the rocks, this natural 2nd century amphitheatre seated more than 10,000 blood thirsty spectators at its gladiatorial events and public executions.  It’s still used for more sedate theatrical events today.

Porto Torres

Porto Torres

If you fancy a change from charming old towns, you’ll find an impressive array of Roman relics and a notable 11th century marble and granite Basilica in Porto Torres.  It also has a very charming old town - sorry.

Nuraghi de Palmavera

Nuraghi de Palmavera

Nuraghi date back to 1500 BC and are the round-tower fortresses that protected the surrounding village.  There are around 7000 nuraghi sites across the island and this is one of the largest with a palace and 50 conical huts.