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Undoubtedly one of the top historical sites in Europe, the site attracts millions of visitors every year. Preserved under a blanket of volcanic ash for centuries, it is still being excavated today (about a third of the city is still buried). Top sights include The Forum of Pompeii, House of the Faun, the Amphitheatre and the Villa of the Mysteries.

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Ancient Rome

Aside from the world famous Colosseum in Rome’s city centre, there are plenty of other historical sights to see – the Pantheon is a marvel of Roman engineering, and a walk along the Roman Forum is a must – along the Via Sacre are some of the most important buildings in the city, including the Roman Senate house.

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica

This historic roman port is less than an hour from the centre of Rome.  It’s nowadays a vast archaeological site, with beautifully preserved ruins; easily reachable by public transport (it even has its own rail station). Put on your walking shoes - the main street runs for more than a mile! Highlights include the amphitheatre and the Baths of Neptune.

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Villa Adriana Tivoli

Commissioned by the Emperor Hadrian as a summer retreat, this large villa lies just outside of Tivoli. It’s actually a small town consisting of palaces, fountains and baths set over 120 hectares. See the Canopus – an enormous pool surrounded by columns and the Maritime Villa. Combine your visit with a trip to nearby Villa d’Este and Tivoli.