Camping Holidays in Germany

Visiting Germany

Central in more ways than one to the very heart of Europe, a camping holiday in Germany at one of our holiday parcs provides agonisingly beautiful countryside, rich history, and an even richer culture that could have come straight out of a Wagner opera. Learn about the history of the beautiful villages with Gothic churches and half-timbered houses, or in contrast, you won’t have to travel far from our campsites in Lake Constance, the Black Forest or northern Germany, to experience the vibrant nightlife of some of Germany’s modern cities.

Taste Germany, schnitzel

Taste Germany

German cuisine tends towards the hearty, not just a stein of beer and a pretzel, but each region has its own specialties. Try Wiener Schnitzel, a breaded veal steak and Gulaschsuppe, a rich soup containing beef, bacon, cayenne pepper and wheat beer. And if beer isn’t your tipple, there are some excellent white wines. Campers who fancy a stir-fry picnic can take a wok in the Black Forest.

Feel Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle

Feel Germany

It all happens here. Go to town in its vibrant cities with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and great nightlife. Be enchanted by medieval villages and traditional wine areas with friendly festivals and regional specialities. Picturesque countryside which is perfect for walking or simply relaxing. Castles, palaces and abbeys that are the epitome of German romanticism. Fun & sport, wellness & relaxation.

Explore Germany, Triberg falls

Explore Germany

With countryside that’s just as lovely as that of neighbours Switzerland and Austria, Germany is justly popular as a camping destination. We now offer three parcs in Germany: at Wietzendorf in Lower Saxony, and at Lindau and Herbolzheim in Bavaria and the Black Forest respectively. All close to nearby airports for those Eurocampers who prefer to fly-drive.

Lower Saxony

Home to major cities including Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen, has a very distinctive culture, including its own language (still spoken by die-hards). Eurocampers find the vast swathes of heathland a compelling reason to come here. The Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve welcomes explorers both on foot and bicycle.

The Black Forest

Famous around the world for its Gateau and cuckoo clocks, the real beauty of the Black Forest is the richness and drama of its scenery. From dense woodland and vivid green lakes, to rolling meadows, jagged mountains and high plateaus. And to soothe those aches after a hard day’s frolics, relax in one of the region’s famous spa towns, like Baden-Baden and the beautiful old town of Rottweil with its many fine buildings (but no threatening dogs).


Perhaps the most laid-back of all the German states, beautiful Bavaria is a place of shimmering lakes, deep forests and fairy-tale castles. The majestic Neuschwanstein is the best-known, but it’s certainly not the only one worth visiting. Bavarians thrive on the outdoor life, so say ‘guten tag’ when you meet them jogging in the rich woodlands and on the mountain trails

top 5 regional highlights and things to see
Europa Park

Europa Park

Germany’s biggest theme park will not disappoint. It guarantees high-octane thrills as well as world-class shows. A memorable day out for young, old and nerveless.



You must see the medieval minister and the ‘Bächle’ which are narrow channels bringing water from the Dreisam river. Look out and look down for the charming mosaics set into the cobbles on the pavement. Guess which shop has a pretzel outside of it?

Neuschwanstein castle


The definitive fairy-tale castle was created on the instructions of ‘mad’ King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who drowned in a boating ‘accident’ before it could be completed. Builders eh, they’re always going off on another job.



A grand town of magnificent castles and glorious squares. Visit the Neues Schloss, one of the grandest Baroque palaces in the world, and the famous but Kunstmuseum art gallery.

Black Forest Nature Reserve

Black Forest

Perhaps the most stunning scenery and landscapes in the whole of Germany. The Black Forest contains two of the country’s largest nature reserves, so big they can be toured by bus or train. Baden-Baden is the cultural centre of the area, home to world famous thermal spas.