Camping Holidays in Landes & the Pyrénées

At a Glance

Visiting Landes and the Pyrénées

With soaring mountain peaks, huge lakes, wide open beaches and picturesque towns, the south-west corner of France really does deliver.

Landes is a green haven – in every sense! With colossal pine forests covering half the region, nature is never far away. In the south you’ll find Hossegor, France’s surfing capital, stylish Biarritz and the lively Basque town of Bayonne. Head inland into the towering Pyrénées National Park for awesome mountains, gushing waterfalls and outstanding natural beauty, as well as the famous pilgrimage town, Lourdes. Whether you’re looking for a great beach holiday, or all out action hiking in the hills, this region is the perfect choice for a family camping holiday.

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Explore Landes & the Pyrénées

This laid back region is ideal for a fly-drive holiday; with airports at Biarritz and Lourdes, it’s just a short flight away. Or how about an overnight cruise to Bilbao? Straddling the French-Spanish border, the Pyrénées Mountains are simply vast – highlights include the Pic du Midi and the Cirque de Gavarnie - while the Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Lourdes attracts millions of pilgrims. Along the coast, the huge beaches of the Côte d'Argent and Pyrénées-Atlantiques are sure to please, there’s plenty of space for everyone!

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Feel Landes & the Pyrénées

Get your heart pumping on golden beaches where the Atlantic waves break, watch the masters of surf at Hossogor, and cycle your way through endless pine forests. Try your hand at kite surfing at the Lac de Biscarrosse, or try a different sort of water at Frances’ first spa town, Dax.  Ride the mountain funicular at Pau - keep your camera handy! Strap your boots on and hike the highest peaks, or simply park the car, unwind the window and breathe deep.  This land of contrasts will amaze, delight, and inspire, and keep you coming back for more.

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Taste Landes & the Pyrénées

There’s a fine gastronomic tradition here in the Landes, with many restaurants celebrating the regional cuisine, as well as colourful markets showcasing the seasonal produce. There's an abundance of seafood along the coast, while meat lovers will find geese and ducks on almost every menu, along with wood pigeon, asparagus and chilli pepper! The town of Armagnac can be found in the foothills of the Pyrénées – you might not have heard of the town, but the aromatic brandy produced here is well known – distillery tour anyone?

top 5 regional highlights and things to see
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This fashionable seaside resort combines old world glamour with natural beauty. Stroll along the beach to the lighthouse on the rugged Cap St Martin then dine in style or dabble at the casino. And don't miss the super modern 'City Ocean' museum, before you strike out along the beautiful Côte des Basque.

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Boasting the finest surfing beaches on the west coast of France, this town is the real surfing capital of France. The waves can get really high, so surfing here is not for beginners, but it makes for a great spectator sport. Visit at the end of August and you might be able to catch the Rip Curl Pro world surfing championships.

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Cirque de Gavarnie

The famous Cirque de Gavarnie, high in the mountains near the Spanish border is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and not to be missed. Its one of the most famous places in the Pyrénées. You'll need to walk up from the village to get to it, but its well worth it for the spectacular views.

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Watersports and lakes go together, and in Landes you’ll find plenty to choose from. Right up on the northern edge you’ll find the biggest lake of them all, Lac de Biscarrosse; in fact it’s actually two lakes, joined by a short length of canal. Surrounded by forest, and rimmed by beaches, it’s the perfect outdoor space.

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Whatever your faith, Lourdes is a fascinating place to visit. The views of the central Pyrénées from the Pic du Jer are outstanding – catch a ride up on the little funicular, or undertake the strenuous hike to the top. An imposing castle stands on a sheer hill behind the town, and there are two magnificent basilicas.