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History of Picardy

La Coupole museum

La Coupole

This unusual museum occupies the site of the underground city built by the Germans from which to construct and launch V2 rockets against London. Chill-inducing at times, the cinematic and photographic exhibitions make a visit more than worthwhile.



Dunkirk is synonymous with the epic evacuation of the British Expeditionary Forces during Operation Dynamo in WWII. Take a trip to the special exhibition at the Musée des Beaux Arts and learn how Dunkirk’s history was made.

 La Chaussée-Tirancourt, Samara


Take a trip to Samara, 15 km from Amiens, and you’ll travel back over a thousand years to the time of the earliest dwellers of the Somme. Here you’ll find La Chaussée-Tirancourt, a historical park that offers the chance to experiment with catapults, cut flints and make fire, as well as flour-making, weaving and jewellery design.

Battlefield of the Somme, Picardy

Battlefields of the Somme

Picardy experienced some of the First World War’s most brutal fighting and throughout the region, war graves and memorials stand as testament to those who died in battle. There is a Circuit of Remembrance, a 40-mile route of the Battles of the Somme, running from Albert to Péronne, open to visitors.

Picardy, rich history of battles

A Rich History of Battles

Picardy’s rich history of battles provides plenty of excursions and museums to keep visitors occupied. Indeed it was here, way back in the 15th Century, that the Battle of Agincourt was fought, it is also where the Battle of the Somme was fought and was the stage of the epic Dunkirk evacuation.