Camping Holidays in Picardy & Ardennes

At a Glance

Visit Picardy

Step onto French soil and into Picardy, a northern region etched with hills, rivers and lakes, and old windmills, located just a short drive from the ports of Calais and Dieppe. Our campsites in Picardy are close to the coast, where long golden beaches are interspersed with elegant resorts and white chalk cliffs. Visit the First World War battlefields of the Somme, which are located in the beautiful, rural landscape of Picardy, attracting many visitors annually for its historical significance.

Don’t miss a trip to Amiens, and the Notre-Dame d’Amiens Cathedral. This masterpiece of Gothic art dominates the city, and like many of our other landmarks in the region, is easily accessible from our campsites in Picardy.

picardy regional specialities

Taste Picardy

Taste how northern France savours the country’s cuisine by tucking into the specialities that Picardy does best.

For dinner why not try Pot-au-feu, a rich and satisfying beef stew, or maybe the famous Duck paté of Amiens is what you’re after? For the ultimate unique dish, try Agneau de pré-salé. This lamb comes from the Baie de Somme, an area of Picardy where the sea frequently covers the pastures, creating meat that is full of its salts.

picardy, beaumont hamel cemetary, poppy fields

Explore Picardy

Sombre history and thriving nature combine to make Picardy an intriguing landscape. If you fancy venturing from the campsite, getting in the driving seat and exploring Picardy by car, expect to weave through postcard-perfect hills or stumble across that lake you’ll spend an undisturbed afternoon beside.

Travel towards the coast and stop off at the seaside resort of Le Touquet, regarded as the region’s most elegant holiday spot and a living testament to the roaring 1920s.

Further along the coast, you’ll find the beaches of Dunkirk. Whether you class yourself as a history buff or not, a visit to the site of 1940’s D-Day landings or the Somme Valley offers an opportunity to connect with the past like no other.

Picardy, Somme railway

Feel Picardy

Sail over the channel. Weave through networks of canals and visit Amiens - the Little Venice of the North. 

Visit the Somme Battlefield. Pause, remember. 

Travel by steam train. Let out a scream at a woodland theme park. Smell steamed mussels. Spot 250 species of bird. Challenge yourself with sand yachting. Unwind to the sound of jazz. Slide through a glass pyramid. Count 6 cathedrals. See a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

top 5 regional highlights and things to see
Amiens Cathedral


Take a trip to Amiens (Little Venice of the North) and explore the network of city canals. Don't miss the Cathedral, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this gothic masterpiece is regarded as the true heart of Picardy.

baie de somme, little egret

Baie de Somme

Baie de Somme lies at the mouth of the River Somme and is home to an important wetland area that acts as a sanctuary for birds. Hop on the steam railway that snakes through the area to grab the best views – don’t forget your binoculars!



Beauvais is home to the tallest gothic cathedral in France, Cathédrale Saint-Pierre. This structure is one of six in the region that help to coin Picardy as the birthplace of gothic architecture.

parc asterix

Parc Astérix

If you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure, French style, head to The World of Astérix for the day. This theme park brings the famous French cartoon to life through a host of rides and attractions.

picardy, somme battlefields, poppies

Somme Battlefields

Follow the Circuit of Remembrance to take a step through history - the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing has an excellent visitor centre. Surprisingly, the Somme can be a place of beauty - brimming with colourful poppies in the height of summer.