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Sports & Activities in Picardy

Golfing, Picardy


There are 20 golf courses across Picardy, offering great slopes to tee off on alongside terrific views across the countryside. Golf du Touquet is one of the most well-known, but Golf de Belle Dune and Saint-Omer also come highly recommended.

Hiking, Cap du Blanc Nez, Picardy


One of the greatest ways to explore Picardy’s varied landscape is treading one of the region’s many hiking trails. Some of the finest walks are around the Bay of the Somme, though we also love the tranquil trails around Chéret and Laon.

Horse riding Picardy

Horse Riding

Why not explore Picardy on horseback? You’ll find equestrian centres throughout the region, offering you the chance to ride from the Bay of the Somme to Crecy and back.

Sand yachting Picardy

Sand Yachting

If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at this challenging sport, the Picardy coast offers 15 miles of prime sand yachting nest to the Marquenterre Nature Reserve and at Le Crotoy and Fort-Mahon-Plage.

picardy watersports


Picardy is perfectly placed for sailing and windsurfing along its coastline; hire craft and equipment at Chamouille and Le Touquet. Or if you fancy something more hair-raising, try out white water rafting at Picquigny.