Camping Holidays in Normandy

History of Normandy


Rouen is so rich in history, it would be near impossible to do it justice in a sentence or two. But here goes… Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here; William the Conqueror died here; the Romans built the port of Rotomagus here. And both King Richard and King John became Dukes of Normandy here. It is seriously worth a visit.


Eugene Boudin, the father of Impressionism was born here, and you’ll be impressed by the superb natural light that attracted Monet, Corot and many other artists. A pretty yachting harbour is edged by houses dating from the 17th Century, whilst Honfleur’s cobbled streets are packed with cafés, galleries and antique shops.

D-Day Commemorations, 6th June

The events of 6th June 1944 continue to be honoured across the world, and nowhere more so than in Normandy. The celebrations of that fateful day include paratrooper landings as well as respectful silences for the fallen.