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Nature in Loire


'The Garden of France'

It’s no wonder the Loire is known as the Garden of France. The Touraine and Anjou areas are famous for their scrumptious orchards and fine vineyards. Meandering rivers weave their way throughout the region and several lakes offer opportunities for watersports. The River Loire is France’s longest river beginning in the Massif Central and running through to the sea at St Nazaire.

La Cave aux Sculptures

La Cave aux Sculptures

This part of France offers a number of troglodyte dwellings, caves carved out of the soft limestone. At Doué-la-Fontaine there is also a fascinating selection of carved figures, the origin of which is a mystery to this day.

Les Grottes Pétrifiantes de Savonnières

Les Grottes Pétrifiantes de Savonnières

Once medieval quarries, this series of underground caverns stretches for over a mile and contains stalactites, stalagmites, rivers and waterfalls. Glittering son et lumière performances take place on summer evenings and guided tours run daily. Dress warmly as there’s no deep heat in this deep treat.

Loire vineyard

Loire vineyards

There are numerous appellations to sample in the Loire Valley. The region has been a centre of winemaking for over a thousand years, with around half of all wines produced here being white varieties. To gape at the grape on tours of the wine cellars and vineyards, visit Saumur or Chinon.