At Eurocamp we believe in making our holiday parcs not only easy to enjoy, but also simple to get to. So whether you decide to self drive or fly drive, we'll help to make sure your journey is as hassle-free as possible.


  • Rio Vantone Campsite
    Via Vantone 45, 25074 Idro (BS)
  • GPS Co-ordinates 45.753956 10.497486

Public transport

  • Local Railway Brescia, 40km : Services to Milan, Venice, Verona
  • Bus Station Idro (Pieve Vecchia), 4.5km : Services to bus Salo, Brescia, Trento

Travelling by Ferry & Eurotunnel

Ferries are a relaxing and convenient way to travel. With a wide variety of ferries available from Ireland to France, taking your own car to the continent makes great sense, and don’t worry about driving abroad if it’s your first time – we can help you with our recommended ferry and driving routes to help you hit the open road en route to Rio Vantone.

To minimize the journey in France take an overnight crossing to Cherbourg. Irish Ferries operate sailings from Rosslare and Dublin to Cherbourg, while Stena Line sail from Rosslare to Cherbourg. Please note while Irish Ferries normally arrive in Cherbourg mid/late morning, the Stena Line crossing can arrive late in the afternoon depending on the sailing date.

The shortest route from Cherbourg takes you down the west side of Paris (past Versailles) and then on to Beaune and Macon. From there turn east to Geneva, Chamonix, Milan and Bergamo.

Why not vary the scenery on the way back and take in the delights of Como, Lugano and Lucerne.

It's a fair distance to drive, so you will want to break your journey. Burgundy is the perfect place to stop and sample some of the regional wines!

Travel Tips

  1. Please note your accommodation on parc is available from 3pm on your day of arrival.
  2. Don't forget the time difference! Europe is 1 hour ahead.
  3. More time on the ferry or more time on the road? When comparing the different route options, do remember to allow for motorway tolls and fuel costs.
  4. Quick converter: 50 miles is just over 80km.

Recommended Ports

  • Cherbourg: 1340km ( recommended )

Fly Drive

An increasing number of non-stop flights and additional routes to the continent mean that flying to your destination is more convenient than ever.

The Italian Lakes are within easy reach, with several airlines flying directly from the UK and Ireland into Verona, Verona Brescia, Milan Bergamo and Milan Linate. We can arrange your flights with low cost operators as well as offering information about scheduled airlines.

Check who flies into where from your nearest airport and ask us to arrange your flights using the Flight Finder tool, below.

Nearest Airports

  • Brescia (VBS): 63km ( nearest )
  • Verona (VRN): 97km

Flight Finder

Check who flies where from your nearest airport using our handy flight tool, then give us a call!

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