• Nearest River: Dordogne 0.1km

  • Nearest Town: La Roque Gageac 6km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Beynac: 0.5km
    • La Roque Gageac: 5km
    • Sarlat: 10km
    • Domme: 10km
    • Belvès : 24km
    • Rocamadour: 59km


The area surrounding Le Capeyrou is a feast for your eyes. There is an abundance of picturesque villages and a generous sprinkling of majestic châteaux. The closest town to the parc is Beynac, which is recognised as one of the prettiest villages in France. Its crowning glory is the château, once besieged by Richard the Lionheart. 

Another treat for the senses are Les Jardins de Marqueyssac, some of the best kept gardens in France, displaying flora and fauna from around the Dordogne, and brought to life with a sound and light show (Thursdays in July and August).  

Days Out

Lascaux caves

Lascaux Caves

Ancient man really made a mark on the Dordogne... see cave paintings from the Paleolithic era at Lascaux, uncover more artefacts at the National Museum of Prehistory or trace the evolution of man at Perhisto Parc.

Chateau Milandes

Château Milandes hot air balloon

To see and image of the Dordogne that you will never forget go up, up and away into the night sky in a hot air balloon from Château Milandes.



You hardly have to move a muscle to have a fun day out of exploring and adventuring – you can see the nearest town of Beynac from the campsite. Its dramatic situation is sure to lure you in to wander its cobbled streets.

Aquarium du Perigord Noir

L’Aquarium de Perigord Noir

Feel silky scales under your fingertips at the touch pool of L’Aquarium de Perigord Noir and watch the divers swimming around the tanks alongside the sea creatures. If you fancy a swim then Quercyland has six different pools and a range of slides.

Chateau Castelnaud

Château Castelnaud

As well as caves the region is dotted with beautiful châteaux. Château Castelnaud is the most popular castle in southern France and is home to the Museum of Medieval Warfare. Château Hautefort is also very prestigious and is listed as a historical monument having been built between 1630 and 1670.

Gouffre de Proumeyssac

Gouffre de Proumeussac

Mysterious, beautiful and hidden away... there are several caves in the region and exploring them makes for an exciting adventure. Gouffre de Proumeussac is particularly beautiful and Le Gouffre de Padirac has a wonderful tour which starts 103 metres down by the river.

Events in the Region

Events, Daglan Bodega

Daglan Bodega

Fireworks, bands and food: a recipe for a fantastic family event. 2020 date to be confirmed.

Events, Festival Cultures aux Coeurs, Montignac

Festival Cultures aux Coeurs

This vibrant international festival of dance and music brings together people from a range different cultures to showcase their national dances and costumes. Artists gather from all over the world. Stamp your feet to the Spanish flamenco, dance along to Colombian music and marvel at the colourful costumes.

Events, Feiras de Daglan

Feiras de Daglan

Daglan awakens in the summer months and draws in the crowds with a number of events, the highlight of which is the ‘Feiras de Daglan’ in August. This is a four day extravaganza with concerts, processions, fireworks and much more. 2020 dates to be confirmed.

Off Parc Activities

The area around the campsite is overflowing with sporting activities, but a great way to make the most of one of the most picturesque spots in France is to get out and have a paddle on the river. Or why not clamber up the steep hill to the fortified walls of Beynac-at-Cazenac... exercise and sightseeing rolled into one.