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Eurocamp holidays

What does a summer 2020 holiday look like?

Well, according to those who’ve been there, done that, it looks pretty good! We’ve given our Holiday Reps extra training for your peace of mind. And, with our first customers already on parc, we asked customers and colleagues (from here and from Eurocamp Netherlands) to share their experiences and give us the inside story on life on parc, 2020 style.

Welcoming guests and giving you a great summer is what we do. But this year, we understand that your holiday wish list is a little different than usual. That’s why we’ve been working harder than ever to make sure your summer is safe and secure and comes complete with all the space you need to enjoy your time together.

Eurocamp holidays

What’s the atmosphere like on parc?

  • "The atmosphere is excellent, with guests enjoying themselves. Yes we have social distancing, but this is not impacting the fun."
  • "This is the parc at its best. Everyone feels safe and is having a really relaxing time."
  • "Everything on site is open and running as it usually would. Shows are still going ahead and everyone is enjoying their holiday."
  • "Covid regulations are in place but without creating a clinical feel or affecting a guest's enjoyment."

Eurocamp holidays

What are the facilities like on parc?

  • "All the facilities are open and guests are enjoying themselves. The staff makes sure everything runs smoothly and safely."
  • "Guests are happily using the pool, restaurant and outside bar. And there is plenty of space for everyone."
  • "You just need to book either a morning or afternoon time slot for the pool - that’s the only restriction."
  • "There’s fun being had everywhere, as usual. The restaurant is open, but we ordered great take away pizzas."

Eurocamp holidays

What's the local area like?

  • "You do have to wear a mask when out and about and the beaches have restricted numbers to maintain social distance, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue."
  • "Nearby places are quieter than normal which Is kind of cool as you get to enjoy amazing cities even more because there’s lots more space."
  • "People in supermarkets all respect the rules and wear masks, it feels safe and welcoming."
  • "Venice is great as it is so much quieter than usual. It's the best time to visit."

Eurocamp holidays

What would you say to reassure anyone who’s nervous about holidaying?

  • "Come to the Costa Brava, Spain is open and ready to welcome you. The scenery, and coastline looks more beautiful than ever."
  • "There are all the procedures in place to ensure you can still enjoy and make the most of your holiday."
  • "Everyone is out and about enjoying their holidays and adhering to social distancing rules. Bars and restaurants feel safe and on top of their game."
  • "The best part about a Eurocamp holiday is that you have your own place, and can keep your distance from others. Everyone is being sensible with the new social distancing instructions too."
Eurocamp holidays

What’s it like staying on the parc this year?

  • "There’s extra cleaning in place from the Holiday Reps, and only one customer is allowed in reception per family."
  • "It’s very easy to keep socially distanced in the parc setting. We have good cleaning protocols so camping and self-catering holiday homes are the ideal safe holiday environment."
  • "We put mattress and pillow protectors on, and we always wear masks when cleaning."
  • "With having your own mobile home and decking you can remain completely self-contained whilst enjoying your holiday."
Eurocamp holidays
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