Super Fun Station - Age 9-12

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This kids' club is super cool, super fun and FREE!

The Station has just been given the super factor! That means there's plenty of super-sized fun for you and your mates to enjoy together. You can try something new (and exciting), make new friends, but most all have loads of fun. We're telling you it's super-charged!

eurocamp kids clubs activities children 9 to 12 years

It's non stop action all the way!

There's no stopping at the Super Fun Station! Instead it's all go with great activities, sports and plenty of new things to try. Why not test your archery skills, or have a go at zorbing and fencing? 

Challenge your friends to a race in the motorised hover carts but don't get in a tail spin! And when you're ready to sit and chill, join in at Party Night.

eurocamp kids clubs activities children 9 to 12 years, fencing

kids clubs activities, the station plus, clubs for kids 9 to 12 years

Water Wars

There's nothing better than messing about with water, and there are loads of ways to have a splashing good time at the Super Fun Station. Be prepared for a soaking when you run the ultimate gauntlet.

kids clubs activities for children 9 to 12 years, station circus school

Circus Workshop

Do you want to learn to how juggle and keep the balls spinning? Wobbly plates on sticks and the devilish Diablo - there are plenty of tricks to try your hand at, but be warned it's not as easy as it looks!

kids clubs activities for 9 to 12 years, body zorbing


One thing's for sure whether you clamber aboard a land zorb ball, or strap yourself into a body zorb, zorbing is always huge fun. Have a go at Sumo and Body Zorb football, then see who will be the last man standing.

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Movie Makers

Here's the chance to produce, direct and star in your very own short film on parc, using cameras and editing software in our Movie Directors session. Watch the finished results during the evening VIP Party.

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Super pool activities on selected parcs

There's even more fun to be found at three of our most popular parcs. Are you up for a real watery challenge?

Head down to the pools at La Vallée in Normandy, Domaine des Naiades on the Riviera and Des Menhirs in Brittany and you can take our Aqua Rollers and Water Walkerz for a spin. They are great fun and great exercise too!

family activities on a eurocamp holiday, kids clubs

The Station can be found at...

Holiday Parc Country Region/Town
Domaine des Ormes


Des Menhirs


Saint Avit Loisirs


Le Bugue
La Vallée


La Croix du Vieux Pont


La Baume


Domaine des Naiades


Port Grimaud
Le Domaine du Clarys - Le Clarys Plage


St Jean-de-Monts
La Garangeoire


St Julien-des-Landes
La Chapelle



  • Safety First. All of the kids' clubs have English speaking, security checked, trained staff and crowd control.
  • Don't miss out - see the Eurocamp reps on parc and book your place at the club activities.
  • The children's kids clubs staff have a weekly rest day - this will usually be on a Friday. Although activities do normally operate six days a week, the exact programme is subject to change - please check the schedule with the Eurocamp reps on parc. The activities contained within are examples only.