Mini Fun Station

6 months to 5 years old

If you’re looking for bundles of fun to keep babies and toddlers entertained on holiday, why not give our Mini Fun Station kids’ clubs a go?

Some of our equipment is provided by Tumble Tots

Free giggles galore

With a little help from Buddy Bear, our little Eurocampers can enjoy bundles of fun at the Mini Fun Station play area!

Our play areas provide a safe, relaxed environment for little ones and their parents to play and socialise - helping you get the most out of your holiday. With loads of play equipment, especially for babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 5 years, there's always fun to be had!

Inside the tent, you’ll find books, board games and puzzles available in our Mini Fun Station Library. You can sit and read or play together in the tent, and feel free to take the library items back to your accommodation for the evening, and swap them over the next day.

As well as the library, you’ll find activity mats with cars and animals, bricks and blocks to stack up high and don’t forget our ball pits that are always a big hit with the little ones. We have a selection of hand-held coordination equipment that aids eye-hand coordination and eye-foot control. Babies can relax too underneath their own activity gym with sensory toys.

Outdoors, there’s a world of fun to be had, including a sand pit, water table, rocker and a playground with slides and tunnel. Why not sit and chat to like-minded parents while you watch the little ones have oodles of fun?

The Mini Fun Station play area is open 6 days a week.

Important information

  • Parents or carers must stay with their children at all times and take full responsibility for them whilst at the Mini Fun Station play area.
  • Our Kids’ Couriers will check the play area regularly throughout the day but to make extra sure that the area stays enjoyable throughout the day, we ask that you put the toys back in their boxes after you’ve finished playing with them.
  • Please note, there are no structured activities at Mini Fun Station.

Mini Fun Station can be found at...

Holiday Parc Country Region/Town
Des Menhirs Campsite


La Grande Métairie Campsite


Castell Montgri Campsite


Le Ruisseau Campsite


Ca'Savio Campsite


Les Ecureuils Campsite


St Hilaire-de-Riez
Bel Campsite


La Tranche-sur-Mer
Le Soleil Campsite


Les Sablons Campsite


La Chapelle Campsite