Mac's Fun Station

For children aged 6-9

If you fancy monkeying around on holiday, come along to Mac’s Fun Station and see if you can dodge your way round the obstacle course or tuck in with new friends at a pizza party. If you’re lucky, our favourite Monkey might just make an appearance!

Get involved

We’ve got an amazing line up of activities at Mac’s Fun Station - all supervised by our specially trained Kids’ Couriers. Mac’s favourites like Pizza Party, Breakfast Club and Show Time are mixed with fantasy themes to take cheeky monkeys on a big adventure.

Please note our Kids’ Couriers have a rest day every Friday.

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Activities at Mac's Fun Station

The BIG Art Attack

Mac’s super-sized art session can involve anything from junk modelling to large team projects – what will you build? Your imagination really is the limit here at Mac’s Fun Station!

Wild West Showdown

Yeeee ha! The cowboys are back with a vengeance, ready to take over the Wild West. Become Woody, Jesse and Texas Pete, create your costumes and get ready for some Western adventures. Can you safely cross the plain avoiding those prickly cacti and how many of those cows can you catch with your lasso?

Wacky Wonderland

A very curious session that will really stretch any child’s imagination. Crazy crafts and unique games will keep everyone on their toes. Be careful if you see any ‘Eat me’ or ‘Drink me’ signs; anything could happen in this wonderful world.

Other Mac’s Fun Station themes include

Mac's Fun Station

The activities contained within are examples only. Whilst we use the session titles listed, our Kids’ Couriers use their own creativity and imagination to design the timetables and session content on each of our parcs. Dates for Mac's Fun Station vary so please check when booking. Please note some activities may incur a small additional cost.

Mac's Fun Station
Mac's Fun Station
Mac's Fun Station

Mac's Fun Station can be found at...

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Domaine des Ormes Campsite


La Pointe St-Gilles Campsite


St. Avit Loisirs Campsite


Le Bugue
Le Vieux Port Campsite


La Croix du Vieux Pont Campsite


La Baume Campsite


Domaine des Naiades


Port Grimaud
Le Clarys-Plage Campsite


St Jean-de-Monts
La Garangeoire Campsite


St Julien-des-Landes