Leo's Fun Station

For children aged 4-6

Shake paws with Leo the Lion and get ready to join his Fun Station. This free club is specially designed to help you meet new friends and encourage you to hunt down fun in your own group. If you’re really lucky, Leo may even come along to enjoy exciting adventures!

Leo's Fun Club Activities

Get involved

There’s so much to do and get excited about at Leo’s Fun Station. Everything from arts and crafts to active and themed activities. Plus Leo’s favourites such as Continental Breakfast Club, Wacky Water Fun and Family Olympics for mum and dad too! The list goes on and on!

Our Kids’ Couriers are ready and waiting to give Leo’s young friends a fantastic - and safe - time! They’ll pick activities to make up the programme for each week. You’ll find full activity details outside Leo’s Fun Station tent and inside your reception.

Please note our Kids’ Couriers have a rest day every Friday.

Shake Paws with Leo the Lion

Activities at Leo's

Team Challenge

A fantastic session to build up confidence and teamwork skills for our Little Leo’s. Challenging themselves in fun and wacky ways to help support each other to complete the wild tasks ahead.

Messy Art

Don’t wear your party best for this session! Finger painting, splatter fun and blow painting will create the coolest, messiest pieces that you might not be allowed to make at home, but will definitely be able to take home!

Fairytale Fun

Whether you’re a sparkly princess or a heroic knight in shining armour, our fantasy session will lead you through a mini-adventure. Fighting evil dragons and rescuing those in need – crafts and magic will help you complete the journey.

Other Leo’s Fun Station sessions include

Leo's Fun Station

The activities contained within are examples only. Whilst we use the session titles above, our Kids’ Couriers use their own creativity and imagination to design the timetables and session content on each of our parcs. Dates for Leo's Fun Station vary so please check when booking. Please note some activities may incur a small additional cost

Leo's Fun Station can be found at...

Holiday Parc Country Region/Town
Domaine des Ormes Campsite


La Pointe St-Gilles Campsite


St. Avit Loisirs Campsite


Le Bugue
Le Vieux Port Campsite


La Croix du Vieux Pont Campsite


La Baume Campsite


Domaine des Naiades


Port Grimaud
Le Clarys-Plage Campsite


St Jean-de-Monts
La Garangeoire Campsite


St Julien-des-Landes