Fun Station for All

Everyone's invited! Ages 4-17

Are you ready to get stuck into the best bits from all of our kids’ clubs and make new friends at Fun Station For All? These free clubs allow anyone from age 4 – 17 to play alongside each other and are a great spot to hang out with siblings if you’ve got older or younger brothers and sisters.

Get involved

Activities range from Barmy Ball Games and Animal Kingdom, to Blackbeard’s Revenge and Robot Wars. Sessions include a mix of creative, active and themed activities. Plus, there are the firm favourites such as the Family Olympics, where parents join in and win medals too; evening pizza parties and a Continental Breakfast Club.

Our Kids’ Couriers pick activities to make up the programme for each week - we’ve shown you some possible sessions below! You’ll find full activity details outside the Fun Station for All tent and inside your reception.

Please note our Kids’ Couriers have a rest day every Friday.

Activities at Fun Station for All

Mad Science

Join us in the Fun Station Laboratory! Exciting experiments, explosions and eggstraordinary events will be blowing your mind in this session. Bring a keen eye, a steady hand and watch out for those pesky Minions who like to cause trouble!

Super Hero Training

The Ultimate challenge to test your Super hero powers! Do you have the strength of The Hulk? The speed of Flash? The stamina of Superman? Find out your Superhero rank and help Fun Station save the world.

Activities are examples only. Whilst we use the session titles above, our Kids’ Couriers use their own creativity and imagination to design the timetables and session content on each of our parcs.

Dates for Fun Station For All vary so please check when booking. Please note some activities may incur a small additional cost.

Fun Station For All can be found at...

Holiday Parc Country Region/Town
Des Menhirs Campsite


La Grande Métairie Campsite


Castell Montgri Campsite


Le Ruisseau Campsite


Ca'Savio Campsite


Les Ecureuils Campsite


St Hilaire-de-Riez
Bel Campsite


La Tranche-sur-Mer
Le Soleil Campsite


Les Sablons Campsite


La Chapelle Campsite