Kids' Clubs

eurocamp kids clubs

Welcome to the Fun!

At the free kids' clubs your kids are going to have the time of their lives. Meeting friends, letting off steam, exploring a fantastic range of activities and trying out new experiences in safety.

Featured on 15 of our most popular parcs - you'll find a Fun Station OR a Super Fun Station, designed especially to make magical holiday memories. So let's go have some fun ...

Fun Station Clubs

Available on 5 parcs, all four fantastic clubs are the perfect place for loads of fun, action and friendship. All free of charge, we're sure you'll love them whatever your age!

eurocamp kids clubs

For 0 to 4 years

Play safe under the watchful eye of the English speaking, security checked kids' club staff. There are lots of fun activities for you and your little ones to try.

Fun Station 0-4 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

For 4 to 12 years

Join all your mates, big and small, for funtastic times together. Think team sports, aqua attacks, artsy afternoons, circus school and mad science!

Fun Station 4-12 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

For 13 to 17 years

Make new friends, pick up a sporting challenge, so simply chill and watch all the action - it's up to you, but one things for sure, you won't be bored!

Fun Station 13-17 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

For all the family

Make memories together and meet other families when you join in the team sports and social events. Enjoy a quiz night, or compete in the parc Olympics.

Fun Station All the family ›

Super Fun Station Clubs

Kids' clubs with extra SUPER sized fun!

Experience the 'Super' factor at 10 of our larger parcs, with activities for every age group, and a raft of extra fun for kids and parents alike. Each FREE club has its own action packed schedule of fun filled activities, with new adventures and challenges just waiting for you.

Super Fun activities include:

  1. Land zorbing and body zorbing
  2. Mini driving school
  3. Archery and fencing
  4. Hoverkarting
eurocamp kids clubs

For 0 to 4 years

For some extra special plus sized fun try out the mini driving school, mini scooters, mini fencing, mini archery and super bouncy 'belly bumps'.

Super Fun Station 0-4 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

For 4 to 6 years

Join in the fun and games, make friends and start your superhero training! Discover how many wacky ways there are to are to be super funtastic!

Super Fun Station 4-6 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

For 6 to 9 years

Supersonic fun from start to finish! Energy to burn, skills to learn? Try body zorbing, junior archery and at the circus school.

Super Fun Station 6-9 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

For 9 to 12 years

Are you ready for even more super sized fun? Try land zorbing, fencing and hovercarting, or how about an aqua attacK!

Super Fun Station 9-12 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

For 13 to 17 years

Want to escape the parents, hang out and meet friends? Why not get involved with a game, make a movie, or test the hoverboards?

Super Fun Station 13-17 ›
eurocamp kids clubs

Super fun for all ages

All together now for action packed fun, friendly competition and themed events. Have a go at zorbing, test your skills at archery or take the 'cryptic challenge'.

Super Fun Station All the family ›

Child safety is the priority. At the kids clubs:

  • Trained, English speaking, security checked staff
  • Parents close by

*The kids' club staff have a weekly rest day - this will usually be on a Friday. Although activities do normally operate six days a week, the exact programme is subject to change - please check the schedule with the Eurocamp reps on parc.  The kids' club staff may also offer a babysitting service in their own time - feel free to arrange this when you're on parc.

The programme varies from club to club. Please note the Fun Station Parcs do not offer the same range of activities as the Super Fun Station Parcs.